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Comdial Impact Installation

Comdial DSU II System Manual Rev 2A "JO Series"


450    Pages

Searchable  Format.   

J0408, J0816, and J1632 with software  revision 2A and later



Comdial Impact ATI-D Installation for

30    Pages

Scan Format.

Comdial Impact attendant for Windows Installation

4    Pages

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Comdial DSU System Manual Software Level 18A "GO Series"


438    Pages

Searchable  Format.   

This publication is applicable to the following equipment:

G0408, with software I0408, revision 18A and later

G0816, with software I0816, revision 18A and later

G1632, with software I1632, revision 18A and later


Comdial Impact Call Installation

 6   Pages

Scan Format.