Executone Isotec ISOETEC SYSTEM – 66 / 96 / 120
  All Changes Must be Made from the Attendant's Station Phone


  1. From the Main Operator Screen
       - Press [CRTL] [P]
       - Press [ESC] key
  2. Screen will say "Enter Password" to go to main menu
    If you know the PASS WORD enter it now or
    Please, try: "PASSWORD or "P"
  3. Press [B] for system programming
  4. Press [T] cursor will move to Time section type in HHMM military time and hit [RETURN] or [ENTER]   type in date (even if correct) and hit [RETURN] or [ENTER]
  5. Press [ESC] key - screen will be back at main menu.
  6. Press [E] to return to main operator screen.