Intertel IMX 612

*Programming changes must be performed at extension 100
Note: If you make a mistake while performing the following procedure, lift and replace the handset to start over, or press MUTE to backspace.

  • While on-hook, press SPCL and dial 021.
  • Display shows [SET TIME OF DAY}.
  • Using the keypad, enter the time in hours and minutes. Then press * for AM or # for PM.
    • Example: 900* = 9:00 AM and 230# = 2:30 PM.
  • Display shows [SET DATE MM-DD-YYYY].
  • Use the keypad to enter the month, day, and year.
    • Example: 01011996 = January 1, 1996.
  • Display shows [SET DAY OF WEEK SUN].
  • Scroll through the day-of-week by pressing # to go forward or * to go backward. When the desired day is displayed, press SPKR to terminate programming. You hear a progress tone.