Norstar Startalk - Adjust Time and Date
* Note Norstar Voice Mail R. 4 sets its time automatically from the telephone system

1)Press Feature 984
2)Enter the system administrator mailbox and password combination
3)Press OK
4)Press Change
5)Enter < the year, month, and day > NOTE: this is a six digit field. Any single digit month or day must be preceded by a zero. For example February 7, 1991 must be entered as 910207.
6)Press Next The display changes to show the time
7)Press CHNG The display shows Enter hhmm:
8)Enter the < the time in hours and minutes>Note: This is a 4 digit field. Any single digit hour or minute must have a zero preceeding the number. For example, 2:03 must be entered as 0203.
9)Press AM or PM
10) To end the session press Rls