Panasonic KXT 308/616

All programming is done at ext 11
1)  At control unit, switch button to program position
2)  Dial 00

Panasonic KXT Series Telephone System

Setting the time must be completed from an LCD Display phone at Extension 11, using the telephone keypad.  This system type requires "Easa-phone" series or a 7000 series model telephone (the model number is listed on the bottom of the phone) that has one or more small switches located at the rear of the phone.  Digital "XDP" phones can not be used on this system type!

To set the time:

  • Lift the handset or press "SP-Phone" button on Extension 11.

  • Dial "77"

  • Enter the hour with 2 digits. (01 through 12)

  • Enter the minute with 2 digits. (00 through 59)

  • Dial (0) for AM or (1) for PM.

  • Press the "#"

  • Wait for confirmation tone. (Instantly after pressing the # button, new time counting will start).