To Enable Customer Programming

With the handset on-hook, dial '#06'. The display shows [MMC DISABLED].
Dial the passcode and '1' then dial '#'
Password 4321

At this point, the customer programming is open

Setting the Time and Date

After you have enabled customer programming, you may begin the following steps:

Dial '#55'. Display shows[YY MM DD HH MM]
Dial new information as follows:
YY = Last two digits of the year
MM = Month (01 - 12)
DD = Day of the month (01 - 31)
W = Day of the week (1 -7 day of the week begins on Monday & ends on Sunday)
HH = Hour (Use 24 hour clock)
MM = Minutes (0-59)

Dial '#' to set current time & date. The phone returns to normal use