Samsung Prostar 816H

This is a multi-step process which involves entering administrator programming and then setting the date and time. Programming can be done from any display telephone.

  1. Enter administrator level programming with your handset on-hook, press #04.  Your display then shows MMC DISABLED.
  2. Dial your 4-digit pass code 4321 (which is the default pass code), followed by 1#.  At this time, customer programming is enabled. If the pass code 4321 does not work as stated, please see Prostar 816H Notes.
  3. Next enter the date and time, press #55 and the display will show:
    (YY MM DD W HH MM)
  4. Enter new information as follows:
    YY= Last two digits of the year (01)
    MM= Month (01-12)
    DD= Day of the month (01-31)
    W= Day of the week (1-7; Week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday)
    HH= Hour (Use 24 hour clock and enter the range of 00-23)
    MM= Minutes (00-59)  
  5. Dial # to finish setting the date and time.  The phone now returns to normal use and all display phones have been updated to the correct date and time by this action.