Before any programs can be accessed, you must first open system programming using the passcode you have been assigned. This must be done using an 824 display keyset.

While on-hook dial '#20'
Display shows OPEN SYSTEM PGM - ENTER CODE: Display four digits passcode (1234). Display shows OPEN SYSTEM PGM - CLOSED
Press MUTE key. Display shows OPEN SYSTEM PGM - OPENED Press '#'. Keyset returns to idle condition.
Now press '#' and two digit program code you want to access. Follow the instructions for that program

Note: You must begin programming within 60 seconds. ONce in programming, any delay of more than 60 seconds between keystrokes will cause the system to automatically close programming.

Should it ever become necessary to correct date and time displayed on all the keysets, do so as soon as it is noticed that it is incorrect. Traffic reports and SMDR records will be of no value when the date and time are not correct.

Diplay Format:
W (Day of the week): Enter 0 for Saturday
MM (Month): Enter 01 for January and 12 for December
DD (Day of the month): Enter a number in the range of 01 - 31
YY (Year): Enter the last two digits of the year
HH (Hours): Use the 24 hour clock and enter a number in the range of 00-24
MM (Minutes):
Enter a number in the range of 00-59

Note: Failure to enter time in 24 hour clock will cause the date to change at 12:00 noon

First open customer programming


Dial '#70' Display Shows SET CURRENT TIME YY MM/DD W HH:MM
Enter current date & time, e.g., 3:15 pm, Mon Jan 6th 1992 SET CURRENT TIME 92 01/06 1 15:15
Press '#' to store and exit If you entered invalid data, you will receive the [INVALID ENTRY] message for three seconds.
Re-enter the correct date and time. Should the information that you entered be incorrect, repeat the procedure