Southwestern Bell FS246

IMPORTANT...  Time and date are set at the Master station (#20) only and the information is shown on all of the Executive stations on the system.  When setting or resetting of either Time or Date is required, always set both Time and Date.  NOTE:  Neither # nor * keys are used in programming Time and Date.

  1. Press the SET TIME key and the display will show HH-MM (Hour-Minute).
  2. Enter the 4 digit time and press the AM/PM key for PM only.  As an example, to enter 2:05 PM, press 0 2 0 5 and the AM/PM key.
  3. Press the SET TIME key and the display will now show the correct time on all executive phones.
  4. Press the ALARM key and your display will show MM-dd-YY (Month-Day-Year).
  5. Enter the 6 digit year and press the SET TIME key.  To see the date, press the DATE key or wait for a short time and the display will automatically return to Time.