Nitsuko DS01

1) All time changes must be made from extension 300.

2) With the phone hung up press the PGM key.

3) Dial TD(83)

4) Month = XX will appear on your display.

5) You can change the entry if it is incorrect by simply dialing the correct numbers.

6) If the entry is correct you can simply press the PGM key to pass the the next setting.

7) Dial two digits for the month (01 - 12). Press PGM key.

8 ) Dial two digits for the day (01 -31). Press PGM key.

9) Dial two digits for the hour (24 hour clock, 13:00 = 1:00pm). Press PGM key.

10) Dial two digits for the minutes (00-60). Press PGM key.

11) Press SAVE key twice to exit programming.

12) All of the clocks on the display phones will be updated once you exit programming.