Adjusting the Calais Voice Mail Server For Daylight Savings Time
 Changing date & time on the Calais Voice Mail Server


CRT Display Will Show

Go To Calais Screen

"Screen Saver Running"

1. Press ESC Key.

"Status Screen Display"

2. Press ESC Key.

"Access Password:_______"

3. Enter Password.
(Either 0000 or 1234)

"Main Menu Screen."

4. Select Menu Option B- Date & Time.

"Date Field Highlighted."

5. Press Enter Key.

"Time Field Highlighted."

6. Enter New Time- HH:MMA

"Shows New Time Entered."


A= AM & P= PM
Hour (12 Hour Format)

7. Press the F10 Key.

"Main Menu Screen"

8. Select Menu Option P- Status Screen.

"Status Screen Display"

You're Finished. The Screen Saver Will Begin Running Again In A Few