Adjusting the TeleKol Voice Mail For Daylight Savings Time
 Changing date & time on the TeleKol Voice Mail
Action System Response
1. Press your VM Box Button (or Dial 510) " Please Enter Your Access Code."
2. Enter # from the dial. "If you know your party's ......."
3. Enter * from the dial. "Please enter your mailbox number."
4. Enter 999 from the dial. "Please enter your access code."
5. Enter access code.
(Could be 9876, 1234, or 7735)
"You have no messages"
"To send a message, press 2....."
6. Enter 9 from the dial. "This is the administration options main menu..."
"For mailbox set-up, press 1"
"To record and configure system greetings, press 2."
"For system configuration, press 3...."
7. Enter 3 from the dial. "This is the sytem configuration menu."
"For telephone settings, press 1."
"For 2 or 3 digit mailboxes, press 2."
"To set a new time, press 3."
"To set a new date, press 4."
8. Enter 3 from the dial "The current system time is....."
"Please enter the new time using the military format."
"Enter 2 digits for the hour and 2 digits for the minutes."
9. Enter the new time in military format. "The number you have entered is ......"
"If this is the correct number, press 1."
"To re-enter, press 2."
10. Press 1 from the dial. "The new time is now set."
11. Press ###. "If you know your party's ......."
12. Hang Up.