Toshiba Perception System -

Toshiba Perception System - from attendant station
Follow all steps even if you wish to change only the time on your system.

Display Date:

  • Press the "DIS TOD" key.
  • The date is now displayed as follows:
    SRC     cos DEST
    Month Day Year

Set Date:
Enter the date on the dial pad in MMDDYY format. The new date is displayed.

Display Time:

  • Press the "DIS TOD" key again.
  • The time is now displayed as follows:
    SRC       cos       DEST
    Hours Minutes Seconds

Set Time:
Enter the time in military time HHMMSS format (for example, 090105 for 9:01 am and 5 seconds and 210105 for 9:01pm and 5 seconds). The new time is displayed.

To Start the Clock and Clear Display:
Press the "DIS TOD" key a third time.